Complying with its strategy to seek for academic support within the underwater archaeology field, the Octopus Foundation has met with Mr. Michel L’Hour, head of DRASSM, (French department for underwater archaeological research and France’s operational entity under the authority of French Ministry of Culture) the one and only official organization dealing with underwater cultural heritage in France.

Because of its expertise, the DRASSM is a major player in the world of underwater archaeology and an internationally well renowned expert, playing a key role within UNESCO.

Presenting the results of the Foundation’s pilot mission in Greece (May ’15) was hence a important test for the quality of the selected methodology, the produced tools and media products for the public.

As the presented results were well received by the DRASSM, it both demonstrates the interest of the Foundation’s objectives and validates the chosen methodology for data mining and data processing.

The Octopus Foundation and the DRASSM are envisioning a potential cooperative agreement that would also include the possibility for the Foundation to participate into some of the DRASSM’s missions to come.