For its episode of Friday April 14, 2023, the RTS program, Passe-moi les jumelles, followed Fabien Langenegger, dendrochronologist and archaeologist at the Office of Heritage and Archeology of the canton of Neuchâtel A beautiful portrait of the scientist with whom we have been collaborating for many years now in Lake Neuchâtel.  

“It had been waiting there for 4,500 years. At the end of March, archaeologists made a rare find under the waters of Lake Neuchâtel, in the bay of Bevaix: an ancient ax”. This article was published in the Swiss newspaper 24 heures, reserved for subscribers:

“Archaeologists excavated a site that had not been studied for a century. What was their surprise to discover, without having to dig, an ancient ax dating from the Neolithic period.” The bilingual platform published this article (subscribers only):

“It was just waiting to be picked up.” Arcinfo published this article (subscribers only): Extract: “A cry tears the air. Getting ready to get back on the boat “Celtic La Tène”, Fabien Langenegger turns around. A fellow diver waves his arms. The archaeologist from the Heritage and Archeology Office (Opan) of the canton of…

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