During the weekend of August 31, 2019, the Dive TEC Event took place in Saint-Prex (Switzerland). The Octopus Foundation was present to meet the public, the professionals in the field of technical diving, various sponsors and speakers.

We would like to congratulate the organizers for their professionalism and generosity. Everything went wonderfully, even though it was the very first edition! We are already looking forward to seeing you next year.

The Octopus Foundation was offered a beautiful spot, where we presented a double photo exhibition (Mediterranean monk seal and Endangered shipwrecks of Lake Neuch√Ętel), models, books, graphic novels and videos were displayed. There was also an interactive space where visitors could discover a prototype of autonomous and connected monitoring system, and see live feed of monk seals in a cave in Greece. Enough to delight the little ones (and the older ones too!).

Thank you to the many people who came to visit us, and to Concept Store Photo for the quality of the photo prints. The public was amazed!