The Swiss-French private radio broadcaster RTN followed us during our 2019 mission on the lake of Neuchâtel. They published a piece with a photo gallery and an interview of Fabien Langenegger, underwater archaeologist:

On 17.04.2019, the Canton of Neuchâtel published a press release about the archaeological work done by the OPAN and supported by the Octopus Foundation. The release (in French) can be read here:

The Octopus Foundation was invited at the famous Couleur 3 radio station (based in Lausanne, Switzerland). The team gladly answered the questions and talked about various ongoing projects. The intervention (in French) can be listened here.    

In its paper edition published on Friday the 8th of June 2018, the Swiss-French 20 Minutes wrote a short article on the Octopus Foundation’s mission to study the Mediterranean Monk Seals.

For its April 6th, 2018 episode broadcasted on the Swiss-French television, the legendary TV show “Passe-moi les jumelles” followed the Octopus Foundation’s team and the archaeologists from the University of Geneva in Oricum. “Those that listen to the speaking stones” is a beautiful invitation to discover true Albania:  

Plongez! magazine

In its 14th edition from March-April of 2018, the beautiful french magazine Plongez! dedicated seven pages to the description of the Octopus Foundation. Julien Pfyffer and several members of the team are interviewed, and the text is surrounded by the stunning photographic work of Philippe Henry. Simply said, it’s the best article about the Foundation…

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