Philippe is passionate about scuba diving, sailing, but most importantly about the moment. “The present moment is magical. It reminds us that every second is unique” he explains. After graduating from a photography school, the 32-year-old started his career at the Figaro Magazine, where he was assigned to Julien Pfyffer as partner. When Julien asked Philippe in 2015 to take part in the Octopus adventure as lead photographer, he gladly accepted and started working on the new underwater photography techniques that will help to bring the marine world to the public.

Why did you decide to join the crew of the Octopus Foundation?

First of all, the Foundation shares my views on journalism and environmental ethics. My work allows me to meet with scientists around the world that are passionate and committed, happy to share their research and experience. Also, very few people are allowed to dive on an amphorae field at a depth of 40 meters. My goal is to capture a vibrant moment, and share it with as many people as possible.


What is your role?

Prior to every expedition, we define a photographic guideline in order to get the best images to illustrate the subject once in the fields. Depending on the allocated time and budget, we imagine and develop new methods of fauna observation or innovative techniques to capture submerged remains. These guidelines are always elaborated alongside the scientists and archaeologists.

What do you enjoy in photography?

I enjoy capturing and freezing a moment, an emotion, an action, or a landscape. This is what drives me, especially when I take photos of nature. The present moment is magical. It reminds us that every second is unique. It just happens, with or without eyes to witness it. My love for photography comes from the ability to pass along an emotion and try to recreate it in a different context, for various sensibilities.

Do you have project ideas for the Foundation?

Currently, with the help of several technical actors, we are exploring the latest virtual reality technologies in order to create expositions where the public will be able to enjoy the work we do with the Octopus Foundation in a new and exciting way.