Following the conclusion of our triple project “Vulnerable wrecks of Lake Neuchâtel“, ATS journalists published a subject in three wide-ranging Swiss-French media:

Extract: “We were amazed to discover that ships have changed very little from Roman times until the 18th century. The boats are slender, quite thin with a low height. The sailors skirted the coasts with long poles. With the weather conditions changing very quickly, they must have been very good sailors,” said Julien Pfyffer.

As the wrecks are particularly exposed to degradation due to erosion and intensifying navigation in this area of ​​the lake, the operation also aimed to achieve systematic and exhaustive documentation of the submerged remains and to safeguard them.

Fouilles archéologiques d'une barge du 18ème siècle © Octopus Foundation

Thank you for this important media coverage, about a beautiful local project.