Graphic representation of the underwater archaeological work done in Oricum, Albania © Fondation Octopus

Each year, the Octopus Foundation organises several field missions to gather data for its various projects in underwater archaeology and marine biology.

The results for each project are displayed on this website in great detail, alongside expositions, public talks and articles.

But what really happens during these field missions? What are the difficulties the team needs to tackle on a daily basis, and what are the delicate situations that have to be swiftly dealt with? Finally, what are the roles played by the different crew members, depending on their specific competences?

The best way to answer all of these questions is to join the Octopus Foundation during one of the missions, and experience it fully, day to day.

Divided in eight episodes of approximatively 5 minutes each, with English subtitles, this brand new Web series will allow you to accompany us to Albania, on the footsteps of Julius Caesar. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover our numerous field tools, the meteorological surprises we are often faced with while at sea, and the techniques we use to create 3D models of places of archaeological importance.

The ancient city of Oricum, on the shores of the Mediterranean, holds a historical and archaeological potential of tremendous proportions. Buckle up and get ready for take-off: